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Name:Zeneth >> Whistling_Chaos <<
Website:Projekt-OverSoul [My dA!]
I'm 16, my birthday is 10th February and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm learning (slowly) to speak German and I know a little (a really, really little) amount of Japanese. I LOVE Tokio Hotel (shut up I know I'm a fangirl) and I'm a huge fan of manga and anime and stuff. I write and draw my own as well =D And I LOVE music 8D As you can probably tell. The ones up there are only a few of all of them ahaha. Most of my favourites. I also love role-playing games!! And recently I've been getting obsessed with my old obsession again, !! I'm on a LOT. Like a lot a lot. XD

I love social life and stuff, even though I'm anxious around new people and stuff. And I hardly ever go out now but eh. When I get to know peoples though I'm really clingy ahaha. My friends mean a lot to me. I'm single~ and bisexual, by the way. If you're a homophobe I'd gtfo now.

Aaaaand...if you wanna know more I guess you can talk to me? XD I love meeting new people! I'm on my AIM mostly nowadays.

>.> I'm lazy so I fail to write much in here. Maybe I'll write more laters ahaha.
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